V Meier, London

I would recommend Thalia without hesitation. Everyone, but particularly women, would benefit from talking to someone as smart, sympathetic and pragmatic as Thalia in order to consider what diet and lifestyle changes are possible for them and which might make a real and lasting difference.

I decided to see a nutritional therapist due to a mixture of factors: ongoing discomfort due to a large fibroid and other gynaecological problems, plus the frustrations of trying to balance the demands of Type II Diabetes with family food demands such as a vegan-ish husband and very fussy children. I was bloated, heavy and often crampy, at times immobilised by abdominal pain.

Thalia is easy to work with - she is friendly, pragmatic and lucid. I was pretty sceptical about the differences dietary changes might be able to make given the various factors. She was able to explain some key issues very clearly and without any pressure or sense of judgement. She made the subsequent process extremely clear both in conversation and in her follow-up materials; there was no hocus pocus or drama, just well researched suggestions where she would often cite the data to back them up. She thought around the various issues and came up with an array of ideas from the broad to the very specific, including a number of recipes for all three meals, snacks and supplements. She even took on board my natural reluctance to cook and made it all as simple as possible.

I felt that she understood my situation instantly and, knowing how busy I was at the time, made sure that everything we discussed was relayed to me electronically so I could consider it in full.

I was very happy with the results of my nutritional therapy. As well as the hard evidence of a decrease in my blood sugar levels (HbA1C) I've noticed a growing sensation of greater lightness and agility (!). I am delighted to feel much less bloating and discomfort and a more positive outlook generally.

I now feel well. Also, much more empowered to manage my diet and thereby the symptoms that have been accumulating over many years.

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Rosie, London

I decided to see a nutritional therapist to break poor eating habits, deal with bloating and generally improve my relationship with food. I am also getting married and wanted to shape up ahead of and after the wedding rather than feel miserable on fad diets in the run up.

Thalia is quick to respond, sends detailed and varied food plans and generally made me feel very empowered. It’s great to know I can email her during my journey and get really helpful feedback. She looks into all aspects of the impact of eating on the body - from mood to monthly cycle and so on. I feel armed with so much useful knowledge and working with Thalia has really transformed my life in a very short space of time.

I am really happy with the results so far, I’ve got off to a great start!

I feel empowered, healthy and I have a lot more respect for my body. It’s been wonderful cooking tasty and healthy dishes!

I would 100% recommend Thalia.

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Sara, London

My main objective in contacting Thalia was to lose my pregnancy weight without losing my milk supply so that I could continue breastfeeding my baby. 

Thalia is very empathetic and understands how stressful it can sometimes be managing private life and work life. She is really enthusiastic about healthy eating and she is always proactive in suggesting good nutritious food that doesn’t take a huge amount of time to prepare.

She is really supportive. She not only provides professional support in healthy eating but she is always attentive to the emotions of her patient and takes into consideration all the aspects of the life, not just food.

I have lost my pregnancy weight, which was my initial aim, and I learned how to balance my meals and how to eat well without giving up on tasty food.

Overall my experience has been more than positive,

Would I recommend Thalia? Of course, 100%.

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Linda, Kent

Hi, I’m Linda. I was diagnosed with Seronegative Inflammatory Arthritis in 2014. I tried steroids at first and the condition abated for over a year, then it returned with a vengeance. I was completely disabled and in great pain. I was put on a series of strong drugs, none of which helped with the pain and the condition worsened… I even tried cannabis oil with no luck at all.

Just as I was despairing I contacted Thalia to see if she could help, mostly with the pain. After some tests, she prescribed a very bespoke diet and supplements. After two weeks, the pain was reduced so much it was like a miracle. My inflammatory markers had plummeted, and I could walk almost pain free.

I cannot thank her enough for her professional approach and sympathetic treatment programme. I still have arthritis but I hope to continue to make progress with Thalia’s help and no more harsh drugs. Watch this space!

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J.M-P, Surrey

I would highly recommend Thalia. I would say having nutritional therapy from Thalia has been life-changing for me. It's made me completely reevaluate what I eat and in the few weeks I've been taking on board her recommendations I've definitely noticed a positive difference in my mental well being, my moods and my weight. I feel far more well informed now about what to eat and for someone is very fussy with my eating I've even tried new things as a result! It's easy to think of a nutritionist as just being for people with very specific health needs (or the rich and famous!) but actually we can all benefit from being far better informed when it comes to food and being far more aware of the short and long-term affects, of what we eat, has on our bodies.

Thalia has a really unique approach in that she sees food part of the bigger picture of your life and understands we all have lots going on (and can't just sit in our kitchens all day preparing and eating food for ourselves!!). She gets that a good diet needs to be realistic and work within our daily lives and pressures. She has a really professional approach, but she's also very warm. You feel like she really genuinely cares and you find you want to make changes in what you eat because she coaches you in a firm but kind way.

Overall I have really benefited from working with Thalia. She'll be the best investment in your health and well-being you'll make this year!

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