J.M-P, Surrey

I would highly recommend Thalia. I would say having nutritional therapy from Thalia has been life-changing for me. It's made me completely reevaluate what I eat and in the few weeks I've been taking on board her recommendations I've definitely noticed a positive difference in my mental well being, my moods and my weight. I feel far more well informed now about what to eat and for someone is very fussy with my eating I've even tried new things as a result! It's easy to think of a nutritionist as just being for people with very specific health needs (or the rich and famous!) but actually we can all benefit from being far better informed when it comes to food and being far more aware of the short and long-term affects, of what we eat, has on our bodies.

Thalia has a really unique approach in that she sees food part of the bigger picture of your life and understands we all have lots going on (and can't just sit in our kitchens all day preparing and eating food for ourselves!!). She gets that a good diet needs to be realistic and work within our daily lives and pressures. She has a really professional approach, but she's also very warm. You feel like she really genuinely cares and you find you want to make changes in what you eat because she coaches you in a firm but kind way.

Overall I have really benefited from working with Thalia. She'll be the best investment in your health and well-being you'll make this year!