Sara, London

My main objective in contacting Thalia was to lose my pregnancy weight without losing my milk supply so that I could continue breastfeeding my baby. 

Thalia is very empathetic and understands how stressful it can sometimes be managing private life and work life. She is really enthusiastic about healthy eating and she is always proactive in suggesting good nutritious food that doesn’t take a huge amount of time to prepare.

She is really supportive. She not only provides professional support in healthy eating but she is always attentive to the emotions of her patient and takes into consideration all the aspects of the life, not just food.

I have lost my pregnancy weight, which was my initial aim, and I learned how to balance my meals and how to eat well without giving up on tasty food.

Overall my experience has been more than positive,

Would I recommend Thalia? Of course, 100%.

Sara, London