V Meier, London

I would recommend Thalia without hesitation. Everyone, but particularly women, would benefit from talking to someone as smart, sympathetic and pragmatic as Thalia in order to consider what diet and lifestyle changes are possible for them and which might make a real and lasting difference.  

I decided to see a nutritional therapist due to a mixture of factors: ongoing discomfort due to a large fibroid and other gynaecological problems, plus the frustrations of trying to balance the demands of Type II Diabetes with family food demands such as a vegan-ish husband and very fussy children. 

I was bloated, heavy and often crampy, at times immobilised by abdominal pain. 

Thalia is easy to work with - she is friendly, pragmatic and lucid. I was pretty sceptical about the differences dietary changes might be able to make given the various factors. She was able to explain some key issues very clearly and without any pressure or sense of judgement. She made the subsequent process extremely clear both in conversation and in her follow-up materials; there was no hocus pocus or drama, just well researched suggestions where she would often cite the data to back them up. She thought around the various issues and came up with an array of ideas from the broad to the very specific, including a number of recipes for all three meals, snacks and supplements. She even took on board my natural reluctance to cook and made it all as simple as possible. 

I felt that she understood my situation instantly and, knowing how busy I was at the time, made sure that everything we discussed was relayed to me electronically so I could consider it in full. 

I was very happy with the results of my nutritional therapy. As well as the hard evidence of a decrease in my blood sugar levels (HbA1C) I've noticed a growing sensation of greater lightness and agility (!). I am delighted to feel much less bloating and discomfort and a more positive outlook generally.

I now feel well. Also, much more empowered to manage my diet and thereby the symptoms that have been accumulating over many years.